Social media advice from Best Buy: nice case study too?

by Steve Seager on November 5, 2009 . Views: 13

In the theme of recent snappy posts that help me keep blogging while I’m far too busy with clients, here’s a video from Best Buy, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics retailers.

In the first minute and 46 seconds of their little vid their CMO, Barry Judge, explains what social media means for them.

After 1:46, he does a bit of selling. If you are into consumer electronics, it may be interesting. Either way, IMHO, he shows exactly how a marketer of today should think. The vid is below. Here’s a takeaway of his best points:

  1. Today, online, your target audience is not ‘everyone’
  2. In social media you are talking with customers not at them
  3. You can’t control the message. You are part of the conversation
  4. Social media is a valuable (and free!) source of what your consumers insights
  5. Being honest about your business builds consumer trust. And that’s important!

What do you think? A bit of self serving PR tapping into the social media zeitgeist? Or applied social media smarts?

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