The Real Digital Native

Steve Seager | strategy and communications

“The real digital natives are in Generation X. We grew up using each digital layer as it was put in place” — Mark Hurst, Founder, Creative Good.

Great quote that, and totally my experience. Back in the day I was a pro-musician and PR. Then, courtesy of some geeky friends, I was bitten by the digital bug. In ’94 we designed Europe’s first live music webcast — 10 years before YouTube. I’ve been deep into digital ever since.

My academic background is in Business Management, and Management Information Systems, with Media Production, at the University of Manchester.

However, my passion has always been strategic communication: how we communicate concepts, processes and data to shape behaviours.

I’ve built up …

•  20 years experience in digital
•  20+ in IMC, marketing, brand, corp comms & PR
•  10 years in content marketing & social communications

I also speak many ‘languages’: corporate, business and brand strategy, innovation, sustainability and design thinking, through to ICT, SEO, content strategy, UX and design, creative and storytelling.

Being the curious chap I am, I often develop and apply innovative approaches to communication by drawing on insights gleaned especially from narratology, film, media and cultural theory and social practice theory.

I speak, and am a visiting lecturer at universities including Syracuse, dept. of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in NY and Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

My clients span B2B/C & include …