Quick & Curious

StorywiseBack in the day, I studied drama and dance, and was a pro musician and promoter. I also wrote TV jingles, a theatre play, video and film scripts, I made an award winning film, taught media production and worked on some nice projects with the BBC.

In ’94 I got heavily into this thing they call the interwebs, and produced Europe’s first live music webcast. After studying Business management, Management Information Systems & Video production, I moved to the Netherlands in 2000.

Since then, I’ve worked in film, as an expeditor (problem solver) in supply chains, a corp comms specialist, marketing and operations director several times, and for the past seven years I’ve consulted on strategy and story across Europe and the Middle East.

The common thread is communication. I love figuring out how we articulate ideas and concepts that shape behaviours. And I’m inspired by all sorts of fields including narratology, film theory and social practice.

As a strategy and story consultant today, I apply all of this. It’s been—and continues to be—a rather fabulous trip.

Be splendid!