Your Quick & Curious consultant in Strategy & Communication 2.0

Steve Seager | strategy and communications

Half of my family is military. The other half are musicians and creatives. I’ve inherited both the left & the right brain stuff. Which is less scary than it sounds.

I have a background in web 2.0, MIS & media production, and 20+ years hands-on experience in strategic marketing communication, PR and corp comms.

I consult directly for clients and to agency management on strategy and communication 2.0, social business and content marketing.

I help take brands, orgs and agencies to the next level. This is what they say about working with me.

Making communication your competitive edge

Once upon a time, communicating about your business was all it took to position you in the market & deliver your promise. Today, communications can actually be your competitive edge.

To do that we need to radically step up the quality of our messaging and content, and start tying communications better to strategy.

I develop Editorial-driven strategy: a content framework that ties all your brand or organisation stories together logically, for more clarity, synergy and impact.

I also ‘storyline’. Storylining comes before storytelling. It helps you not only develop stronger messaging, but also helps you shape strategy too.

Clients direct & indirect, across B2B & B2C include …

Steve Seager | Clients


Note: due to confidentiality, many indirect clients not listed.

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