Quick, Curious & Very Capable

Steve Seager | strategy and communications

Originally a pro-musician and pr back in the day, I’ve been hooked on digital since ’94 when I created Europe’s first live music webcast and have never looked back.

Building on my formal education in business management, MIS and media production, I now have 20+ years experience in strategic communications — IMC, marketing, pr and corp comms — in Europe & the Middle East.

I often develop and apply innovative approaches to communication, content and story by drawing on narratology, film, media and cultural theory and sociology. That’s all the lovely stuff to do with psychology and behaviours.

I have a particular affinity with companies working in design, architecture, tech, media, publishing, and innovative, ambitious teams and companies looking to improve the quality of their strategic communications.

On the side I speak and am a visiting lecturer at some cool universities including Syracuse, dept. of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in NY on Innovation, and Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam on Digital Communication in Creative Industry.

My clients span B2B/C & include …


Others on me …

“Steve houses the unique combination of strategic thinking, trusted advisor and down to earth execution.” 

“Steve helped me develop an editorial strategy framework that tied all of our stories together … from our mission all the way down to the specific stories we want to tell in our individual projects.”

“Steve’s ability to operate competently across all disciplines whilst still keeping a focus on the core goals of both the brand and communication needs is amazing, making working with him an inspirational experience.” 

“Steve’s one of my trusted ‘go-to’ guys for great strategy and advice on digital marketing and communications. He’s fun to work with, full of ideas, and really down to earth.”

“He managed to change the organisation’s perception on marketing.”

“I appreciate Steve’s ability to challenge the status quo, his unrelenting thirst for the strategic and his overall work ethic that fosters community and team spirit.”

“I know him to be both a creative and strategic thinker who produces a stream of ideas and has the energy to implement them. He’s also great fun to be with.”

“Steve’s lightning-fast ability to dissect, analyse and constructively critique your strategy-through-action narrative is both as impressive as it is useful. He can give you practical, implementable insights that can be put into use straight away – as well as long-term advice on how to stay on track.”

“Steve is an innovative practitioner who has injected some needed rigour into an area where it has often been missing: the definition of organisational stories. His methodologies are impressive, and his curiosity and wit make him a joy to engage with.”

“Steve always challenge others, but he does in a way that makes you challenge yourself, and go away from any situation feeling you have learned something new. At the same time he has a great and warm personality, and lights up any discussion with his winning smile.”