Unwittingly eclectic, innately curious, I’ve inhabited many roles over the past 30-odd years…

…Professional musician*, scriptwriter and filmmaker, early online innovator, supply chain expeditor, pr, diplomatic speechwriter, digital marketer, corporate digital communicator and story consultant.

The common thread is that I’m fascinated by the what, why and how of human behaviour. In particular; how we shape media, technology and communication, and how they shape us in return.

In 2018, communication is complex. We have to filter fake news, get to grips with how algorithms work, combat business disruption, learn a host of new skills—but most importantly; uncover who we are and start sharing our own Truths along the way.

Becoming ‘Storywise’ helps.

Stories and narratives not only affect our understanding of the world around us, they define it.

Master your story, master your world.

Be splendid.


* If you’re a musician, I’m a Tele, Twin & Rhythm sort of guy—sitting tight with the rhythm section—but thinking like a mashup between Tom Waits, Talking Heads & Santana. (Go figure)