IABC Europe & Middle East Leadership Institute 2012: Network, Share & Learn

by Steve Seager October 26, 2012

I’ve just returned from Paris from this year’s IABCEME Leadership Institute – a fabulous event where regional IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) board members meet up to hear from a keynote speaker, network, share experiences and hear the latest marketing and communication best practices. I’m currently director of comms on the European/Middle East region […]

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Marketing and Publicity 2.0 for Architects: Getting Started

by Steve Seager October 15, 2012

No matter which industry we are in, the core principles of marketing and publicity 2.0 remain the same: Content is the currency of the social web. And you are what you publish. Content both positions you competitively and helps communicate your value proposition. The better your content, the better your results. It’s at the heart […]

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Inside Seth’s second circle of marketing: Tribe, Community and Story

by Steve Seager August 15, 2012

Even the good guys are guilty of blinding us with marketing 2.0 buzzwords from time to time. ‘Tribes’ just sounds way cooler than ‘influencers’. ‘Worldview’ is much more groovy (man) than ‘issues or needs’. Seth Godin’s circles of marketing is a case in point. Seth Godin’s circles of marketing Seth says: “Most amateurs and citizens […]

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European communication monitor 2012

by Steve Seager July 5, 2012

The European Communication Monitor 2012, the largest trans-national strategic communication survey, has just been published. And it’s not fluffy. It’s an academic study that surveys more than 2,000 professionals from more than 40 countries to find out what we professionals believe are our biggest strategic communication challenges today. I haven’t had time to read or synthesise the […]

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The Truly Strategic Marketing Communication Campaign

by Steve Seager July 2, 2012

As strategic marketing and communication specialists we often claim our role is essential to the long-term strategic viability of our businesses. And I agree. In fact, thanks to the rise of social, I believe that strategic communications can actually be your company’s competitive advantage. Yet most of what we practice on a daily basis goes directly […]

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How long should a blog post be?

by Steve Seager May 16, 2012

One of the most common tactical communications questions I’m asked is, “How long should a blog post be?” I recently mailed a client with this answer: It’s really all about clarity and value to your target audience – not length. However, as a general rule of thumb there are three types of posts: 1. Short […]

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CMOs guide to the social landscape 2012 | now with added Pinterest, G+ and more interactivity!

by Steve Seager May 4, 2012

Google+, Quora, SlideShare, Pinterest and Facebook’s favourite – Instagram – have now been included in the 2012 CMO.com Guide to the Social Landscape. Developed by 97th Floor, an ‘organic SEO’ firm (organic SEO means getting found in search engines and social media without paying through the nose for it), they’ve ranked all of your favourite […]

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Web 3.0 marketing is one step closer: courtesy of Google and Facebook

by Steve Seager March 28, 2012

Your first priority as a business is to make sure you are around tomorrow. We already know that those companies who are web 2.0 savvy outperform those who aren’t. But things just moved up a gear. Google and Facebook are rolling out significant changes to their models – changes that bring web 3.0 one step […]

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Meeting the Big Data marketing challenge: get started, get targeted, get ROI

by Steve Seager March 21, 2012

Some advice for marketers in medium sized businesses with ambition: if you want to set yourself up to best leverage Big Data in the future, start adopting targeted marketing strategies right now. And include ROI as a core social metric. If you’re up to speed on Big Data, jump to the last para down below […]

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“Yes, But!” — The Devil’s Advocate in strategic decision making

by Steve Seager February 22, 2012

You already know the type. You are leading your strategy meeting, trying to figure out company-level strategy: digital, marketing, communications or other. However, every time someone brings up a great idea, in jumps your in-house ‘Devil’s Advocate’ with an annoying ‘Yes, BUT …’ Agh. It’s so much easier (and productive) to work with the ‘Guardian Angel’ — […]

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