Strategy & Story

Unwittingly eclectic, innately curious, I am a narratologist. I help people design stronger narratives and become better storytellers.

A former pro musician, songwriter and promoter, my formal education is in business management, IT and video production.

I have 25 years experience online, beginning in 1994 by designing Europe’s first live music webcast.

My clients include individuals, agencies, NGOs, SMEs and global brands in Architecture, Tech, eCommerce, Management Consulting, Music and more.

I’m a strategic comms and marcom consultant. I help people get their story straight. I work on brand-story, strategic messaging, positioning and value propositions and; the future of work.

I am a strategist. I advise, facilitate and spar on comms, content, strategy, story and innovation.

I’m a (ghost)writer on tech, media, culture, leadership, customer service, CX and business management. I write full web text and advise on editorial and content strategy.

I help people develop their personal, professional and project narratives.

Based in Amsterdam, I work internationally and have deep experience and network across Europe and the Middle East. For full-service projects I call upon a trusted international network of specialists.

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