Strategy & Story

Unwittingly eclectic, innately curious, I am a narratologist.

A senior strategist and communicator, I help folk design and deliver their strategic narrative: the system of stories mission-critical to their success.

My formal education is in Business Management, IT, and media production.

I have 20+ years experience in tech, digital and strategic comms across UK, Europe, Middle East and the US.

I have deep knowledge in digital (25 years), tech, CX, sustainability, supply chains and logistics, operating models, circular economy, and design and systems thinking.

I also draw upon fields such as anthropology, semiotics, cognitive science, social practice, and film theory.

In another life, I was a professional musician. I still compose, play, and make experimental film.

What I do as a narratologist

  • I help leaders design and deliver strategic narratives
  • I facilitate strategy and story sessions;
  • I advise, coach and train; and
  • I write.

Based in Amsterdam, I work internationally and call upon an international network of trusted specialists for larger projects.

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Be splendid.