Laoise O’Murchu & strategic internal communications at EuroComm

by Steve Seager

EuroComm was fab last week! I met loads of great people, hooked up with some of my international IABC colleagues & learned loads too. One of the best presentations I saw was from Laoise O’Murchu – an Irish award winning communications & PR specialist – it was fun, clear, clean & smart (no pun intended!)

This will be particularly interesting if you have a stake in internal communications. Laoise gave us her own definition of internal comms & then a strategic framework to make it happen.

Very kindly, she let me film her intro with my trusty Kodak flipcam. In it, she tells a little story on the importance of communications & then goes on to define a strategic approach to internal communications.

“So a man, in a hot air balloon, realises he’s lost ….

Laoise went on to explain that, based on a ton of research which she outlines in her presentation below, it seems internal comms faces the Cinderella dilemma…

Internal communications | Laoise O'Murchu

Laoise’s bottom line finding: internal comms simply ain’t strategic enough for most business leaders. So if you are an internal comms specialist, take a look at her presentation below & in particular focus on slide 11 – a solid framework for a more strategic approach to internal communications.

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