2011 B2B social media marketing report. And don’t worry, it’s free!

by Steve Seager

A man walks into a bar & asks 3,300 B2B marketers how many think social media marketing is important to their business this year. 90% answered ‘very important’. 67% who were marketers for small businesses said ‘very important!’

Only 1% replied ‘Bah! Humbug!”

When asked what benefits they realised from their social media marketing efforts, 88% said social media marketing generated more exposure for their business. 72% said it increased traffic to their site or blog. And 62% said they improved their search engine rankings.

See the social media marketing impact on sales, effort required, hot issues & much more in this rather splendid 2011 B2B marketing report from social media examiner.

And it won’t cost you a farthing.


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