Strategy & Story

I am a narratologist. A senior strategist and communicator, I help people design stronger narratives & become better storytellers.

I specialise in complicated (and complex) positioning and proposition problems.

I have 23 years digital experience across disciplines including analytics, marketing, marcomms, SEO, content strategy, strategic comms, screenwriting, diplomatic speechwriting, film & video production, and more.

I have deep knowledge/experience in digital and business strategy, business management and operations, IT, media, culture, identity, the future of work — and digital futures.

I’ve worked extensively across Europe, the UK and the Middle East. In another life, I was a professional musician. I still compose, play, and make experimental film.

What I do as a narratologist

  • I help leaders develop and implement strategic narratives (company-level messaging & story for sales, marcom, values, change, pitch decks & more);
  • I facilitate strategy & story sessions;
  • I advise, coach and train;
  • I help creatives and futurists strengthen the narrative integrity of their work; and
  • I write on topics such as narratology, media, communications and technology.

Based in Amsterdam, I work internationally and call upon an international network of trusted specialists for larger projects.

Need Help with High-Stakes Messaging?

Especially now, leaders must ensure their story is rock-solid and crystal clear. Here’s a few ways I can help:

1. Review & Advisory. We call. I review your content/messaging and give you immediate actionable advice on how you can improve structure, and strengthen messaging and storytelling.
From Euro 1,750+ (excl. BTW).

2. Review & Fix. For CEOs/senior leaders creating high-stakes comms, often under time-pressure. I review your content/messaging. We call and align. I then improve structure, messaging and storytelling for you. I drive it to the finish line for you.
From Euro 4,200+ (excl. BTW).

3. Company Strategic Narrative. I help founders, CEOs and their teams develop their company’s full strategic narrative. Including strategy development and clarification, writing of all key messaging, web text, and publishing plan.
From Euro 12,500+ (excl. BTW).

Mail me on for further details, and for all other enquiries such as one-hour consults, day rates, coaching, training and consulting.