CMOs guide to the social landscape 2012 | now with added Pinterest, G+ and more interactivity!

by Steve Seager

Google+, Quora, SlideShare, Pinterest and Facebook’s favourite – Instagram – have now been included in the 2012 Guide to the Social Landscape.

Developed by 97th Floor, an ‘organic SEO’ firm (organic SEO means getting found in search engines and social media without paying through the nose for it), they’ve ranked all of your favourite social channels in one, easy-to-sort infographic.

By clicking in the infographic you can get a nice overview of which social network is best for customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site or SEO.

It’s a useful checklist for your inbound and content marketing strategy. If you’re not fully up to speed with inbound or content marketing yet, check out this primer on why you should be!

Below is a snippet of the CMO’s guide to the social landscape:

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