European communication monitor 2012

by Steve Seager

The European Communication Monitor 2012, the largest trans-national strategic communication survey, has just been published. And it’s not fluffy. It’s an academic study that surveys more than 2,000 professionals from more than 40 countries to find out what we professionals believe are our biggest strategic communication challenges today. I haven’t had time to read or synthesise the findings yet, so here’s a quick stat blast followed by their video. Here you can download all the European communication monitor goodies.

So what are our biggest strategic communication challenges from now until 2015?

  • 84% claim a lack of understanding of communications practice within top management
  • 75% claim difficulties to prove the impact of communication activities on organisation goals
  • 46% say coping with the digital evolution
  • 44% say linking business strategy and communication
  • 34% say addressing more audiences and channels with limited resources

And our single biggest challenge?

Building the competencies and skills that we need to become a successful strategic communicator today!

Which brings me very neatly to my next post that I’ve been working on for a few months, and have sat in draft while I figure out the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle before I publish. Expect it in the coming week: the three core competencies of today’s successful strategic communicator.

Meanwhile, here’s the European communication monitor 2012 video:


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