How to pitch social media as a business tool in 2 minutes: Meerman style

by Steve Seager on October 29, 2009 . Views: 29

If you are looking for a 2-minute pitch to get buy in for social media as a valid business tool, for your potential client, or your own internal organisation, I don’t think you can do any better than the first 2 minutes of the rather brilliant David Meerman Scott’s video.

If you want to stick with this 2-minute thing, go watch now.

If you have 2 more, here’s another quick tip. When I first started my own company I had to pitch Michiel, my business partner with it. I guess it eventually worked. He’s here. And we are helping businesses get to grips with this social media and online pr thing.

But it wasn’t really me that got us on the same track. It was that David Meerman Scott again. We bashed around his great ideas in the New Rules of Marketing and PR and found our own take on, well, funnily enough, the new rules of Marketing and PR.

He helped us. (Thank you David). Maybe he can do the same for you? Before you think this is a fawning, biased David Meerman Scott appreciation type post, I leave you with this: he may be a brilliant marketer, but I think he has really questionable taste in ties.

Pitch social media Meerman style

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