Marketing and Publicity 2.0 for Architects: Getting Started

by Steve Seager

Willem de Kooning Academy | Marketing and Publicity 2.0 for ArchitectsNo matter which industry we are in, the core principles of marketing and publicity 2.0 remain the same: Content is the currency of the social web. And you are what you publish.

Content both positions you competitively and helps communicate your value proposition. The better your content, the better your results. It’s at the heart of content marketing. Still, it can be hard to know where to start.

Last Monday I lectured at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam for Advanced Art & Design in Rotterdam. My lecture was part of the Professional Practice course.

My goal was to help Interior Architecture and Retail Design final year Master students get their heads around marketing and publicity – 2.0 style.

Getting started with marketing and publicity 2.0

Take a look at the presentation down below. You can download it free as a .pdf. In it, there’s a step-by-step of the building blocks of marketing and publicity on the social web – tailored especially for architects.

If you are not an architect, but wondering where you should start with establishing a social media marketing or content marketing presence, it’s also a nice primer to getting started.

Thanks to the students for their splendid engagement. You asked all the right questions! Be sure to share this within your own networks. Thanks also to Marta González Antón, Professional Practice course leader. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

If you have any questions, you can drop me a comment, or mail me. And I’ll see what I can do.

Marketing and publicity 2.0 for architects: getting started

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