RIP Steve Jobs: still CEO of the future

by Steve Seager

Only yesterday I drafted a post for managing directors and business owners on lessons learned from Steve Jobs. This morning I woke to find he had passed away. I’m touched much more than I thought I would be. He really was an inspiration and a shining light amongst the hundreds of typically turgid and pendantic CEOs. Condolences to his loved ones.

As we know, Steve Jobs is the leader who revolutionised three industries: music (99 cents for an MP3 when the rest of the industry frantically chased DRM), telephony and computing. That’s not mentioning his contribution to Pixar.

I’m really not in the mood to write that post I drafted yesterday. Instead, a question:

How did one leader manage to revolutionise three industries?

For me, it comes down to one simple thing that embodies his every decision:


Steve Jobs is still CEO of the future.

Enjoy Steve from 1984 introducing the Macintosh.

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