Strategy & Story

I help leaders develop & implement strategic digital communication; become better storytellers & design stronger narratives

I often do it by facilitating common ground between senior business and tech-oriented folks—and creatives/comms teams. I speak both languages. It’s fun to do and great to see. Everyone wins.

Most know that great communication is key to executing any digital strategy. However, there are two essential—often hugely undervalued—elements that make your communication great:

1. Strong messaging: in pitches, propositions, positioning and purpose statements. (In my experience, messaging is somewhat of a Lost Art);

2. Storylining: building persuasive brand and business arguments from messaging. (Storylining is almost a Dark Art!)

Messaging and storylines are the backbone of storytelling and building narrative. Without them, communication can end up as the weakest link in digital strategy, and storytelling; just window dressing.

I’m a strategist, facilitator, problem-solver, writer, coach and occasional lecturer.

I help your comms keep pace with innovations in tech, data, design thinking, org design and more.

Mail me on to see how I can help.

Be splendid.


Recent cool and fun projects…

  • Narrative & Audience workshops in architecture and media
  • Brand Story for an African youth education program
  • Strategy facilitations for a digital CX agency
  • Structural editing of strategy proposals for a leading management consulting firm
  • Global communications evaluation for an NGO
  • Content marketing strategy for a Telco
  • Editorial/publishing strategy for a sustainable clothing brand
  • Mentoring of senior digital leaders

Others on working with me

‘Steve’s lightning-fast ability to dissect, analyse and constructively critique your strategy-through-action narrative is as impressive as it is useful’ — Management consultant

‘Steve houses the unique combination of strategic thinking, trusted advisor and down to earth execution.’  — Entrepreneur, HR Consulting

‘Steve is an innovative practitioner in the definition of organisational stories. His methodologies are impressive, and his curiosity and wit make him a joy to engage with’ — Senior editor, Telco

‘Steve’s ability to operate competently across disciplines whilst keeping a focus on the core goals of both the brand and communication needs is amazing, making working with him an inspirational experience.’ — Senior Brand director, Du

‘A creative and strategic thinker who produces a stream of ideas and has the energy to implement them. He’s also great fun to be with.’ — Communications consultant, Org design & change

“Had the honour to work with Steve at ROBINHQ.COM. His process with GAME mechanics brought us a giant leap forward. Forced me to continuously focus on the target customer and what his internal dialogue would be. Very useful” — CEO, ROBIN, e-Commerce

‘Steve is a very inspiring, motivating manager. The kind that brings out the best in people.’ — Office manager, Architecture

‘His energy, professionalism, and attention to detail were outstanding, and by defining goals in such a way that they were measurable and applicable, he allowed us to achieve excellent results.’ — Business Intelligence consultant

‘Steve helped me develop an editorial strategy that tied all our stories together… from our mission, all the way down to the specific stories in individual projects’ — Social brand specialist, Vodafone

‘Steve helped us set up an incredibly strong basis for our content marketing strategy.’ — Product marketing director, Exact Software.


Storywise clients range from individuals to SMEs and global brands across sectors including Arts & Architecture, e-Commerce, Education, Management Consulting, Media, Publishing, ICT and Telco.