A writer, story & digital communication strategist for 20+ years, I help leaders design stronger narratives—and become better storytellers.

My formal education is in business management, IT and video production, and I’m hot on data, tech, AI, UX, CX, SEO, design-thinking—and complex story and comms challenges.

I craft storylines. Without a strong storyline (messaging and argumentation) to support it, storytelling is often clichéd and weak. I help leaders craft powerful storylines that persuade.

I write… scripts for video and film, copy for decks and websites. I also (ghost)write high-quality, cornerstone articles on a number of topics including AI*, CX, customer service, management and leadership, digital transformation and more.

I solve a range of digital business, org design, story, comms and content challenges. For me, the more complex, the better!

I collaborate with a trusted network for full-service solutions.

Drop me a mail on steve@storywise.biz and let’s have a chat. Based in Amsterdam, I also work internationally.

Be splendid.


*Update: May 2018. What’s your AI Story? Over the past 18 months alone, I’ve worked on half a dozen decks, and ghost-written three thought leadership articles on AI—with and for senior tech and biz leaders. I have more in the works right now. If you would like to get your AI industry or company story straight in super-quick time while I’m on the boil AI-wise, I’d be happy to help. Mail me on steve@storywise.biz or use this form

Projects include…


Strategic comms & brand story

Content marketing/editorial strategy

Coaching, training & more


Storywise clients range from individuals to global brands across sectors including Arts & Architecture, e-Commerce, Education, ICT, Management Consulting, Logistics, Media, Publishing, Supply Chain & Telco.