Content marketing: a definition

by Steve Seager

I will be referring often to content marketing as a concept, so thought I would put the flesh on the bones right now. This is a nice global definition to get your teeth into a very important aspect of the social web. I will be chatting about aspects of this throughout my posts.

So what is it? The only real difference from Joe Pulizzi‘s (Junta42) venerable definition is the search engine marketing aspect – namely, when you create, publish and syndicate great content, you can tap directly into people searching and get yourself a wonderful organic SEO footprint too.

So, content marketing is…

  • Marketing Driven. Content marketing must always contribute to specific marketing or sales objectives. Always.
  • Editorial based content. It is narrative driven. Content must be informative, educational and/or entertaining.
  • Behaviour Focused. Content is focused around managing the recipient’s behaviors, attitudes, perceptions or needs.
  • Highly Targeted. Not mass communications. Content marketing reaches people one on one.
  • Cross Platform. Specific formats for specific reach: print, text, digital, audio, video, events.
  • Search Engine Optimised. Keywords, tags, links. Distributing content without supporting your SEM strategy is a cardinal sin.

That’s it for now. Hope that’s clearer, and if you have any suggestions, bring them on! And thanks again Junta42 for the leg-up!

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