Err…what makes social media content relevant?

by Steve Seager on May 4, 2009 . Views: 24

In his post from today, Lewis Green makes a good point regarding culture change as a key factor in companies adopting, and adapting to, social media. Spot on. In the post he also mentions that the content we publish defines whether or not we have readers/viewers. Aha! Content! One of my favourite topics!

Quoting Molly Schonthal, he calls great content ‘relevant’. Nice. But that’s still too big an umbrella to be of much help to those looking to create great content. So, can we drill down a little? Let’s have a stab. Great content

Targeted. There is no such thing as a mass market in social media: just lots, of niches. Define them and the content will come. (Apologies to Bill and Ted.)

Specific. Lots of niches means lots of specific problems. Address them. Specifically. No generic ‘save the world’ solutions, please.

Structured. You’ve solved one problem, now your audience moves down the sales funnel or decision-making process. Be one step ahead. What’s next?

Understood by all. Some people like bullets and PowerPoint, some like graphics and stories, some people like AV. Same message, different formats!

Actually, it all boils down to a solid editorial plan built around buying personas. But this is a good primer, I think.

The bottom line? Make sure your content is relevant to your target user, address their needs directly, follow them through their buying cycle or decision making process and give them content in a format best suits them.

That’s all for now. Ciao ciao!

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