Facebook & what to do with it: courtesy of James Brown

by Steve Seager

I’ve recently been thinking about Facebook and also listening to James Brown so this post might be a little mixed up.

A recent e-marketer study showed that more than double the followers of a brand in a social network said something positive rather than negative!

I’m sure the top 50 brands on Facebook will agree.

If you want to get started with your very own brand page on Facebook check this out from my business partner.

And now that you have your own custom Facebook page, what are you going to do with it?

Let’s take a look …

Come here sister…

Consumers shop online just the same as off. They go window shopping. Look for their favourite brands. They stop at the shop window (i.e. your custom Facebook page) & check you out. There’s no obligation. People can always ‘de-friend’ you if they don’t see anything they like. So as a brand, you better be ready. Your fan walks up to your Facebook page. What do they get?

For starters, you better have something of value. Something interesting. Something relevant. It could be as simple as real time info on new products. Interesting promotions, discounts or advertising.

Papa’s in the swing…

Congratulations. You just earned a ‘like’. You now have a new sales channel. You’ve offered a fan a way of getting your stuff a little bit earlier. Maybe a little bit cheaper. This is a great start.

But remember, Facebook is for friends. It’s probably the most ‘social’ of all networks. Because you are a brand people do expect you to sell, but that doesn’t mean you only have to sell. So be nice! No spamming with messages every two seconds. Keep your content fresh (maybe once a day) & funky (relevant & of value to your fans.)

The thing’s…like the Boomerang

Sure is! So if you are posting frequently, make sure there’s someone to respond as well! Answer the ‘social’ phone. Meet & greet! Again, it’s a social thing.

He’s got a brand new bag…

Now you are really in the groove why not go out of your way to publish a little poll? Be social! Use thisthis or this. Ask people directly for their thoughts. What’s their favourite product of yours? What are people looking forward to? What do they want more of? What do they love? Hate?

So now papa’s got a brand new bag. Time to …

Take it to the bridge

Facebook is the fastest growing social network in Europe. And, Facebook fans are the most loyal. So if you are going to engage in a truly ‘social’ channel online, it has to be Facebook: the hardest working social network in the business!

Next step … the 5 elements of a great Facebook page!


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