For SMEs | MKBs: what does good strategy do?

by Steve Seager on March 3, 2011 . Views: 145

I think we are all aware that the word ‘strategy’ has a bad press. In my experience, most small businesses think they don’t need it because…

  1. They are still small
  2. The value of strategy is overrated
  3. It’s too expensive
  4. Strategy is a conceptual framework – but not a tangible plan of action


Here’s another way to look at strategy: below is a presentation I did when I was consulting solo in 2008. Sure, it’s old, & not too detailed. But I think it’s still valid as a quick visual presentation on what good strategy should do.

And, I think, a useful little indicator for how SMEs should start thinking about strategy.

Strategy: what does it do?


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