Social media round the world 2011: statistics in social media usage and a question for marketers

by Steve Seager

Check out this presentation below for hundreds of great statistic from Insites consulting from their latest study into social media usage. If you don’t fancy eating the full one yet (167 pages!), here’s just a few highlights, followed by a question for marketers:

Social network statistics

  • 600 million people use social networks daily
  • 347 million or 73% of European Internet users use social networks
  • Western Europe lags behind North, Eastern and Southern Europe in social network penetration (!!)
  • Emerging markets India and Brazil show highest awareness and penetration of social networks

Brands in social networks

  • 50% of social network users are connected to brands
  • 58% of users of social networks have never had the opportunity to connect with a brand — but would like to
  • People become a fan on Facebook because they actually like the product, not because of advertising
  • Getting information about products and brands is driving membership of social networks
  • People want more say in Brand product development
  • 60% of Brand employees would like to get help from their employer to share relevant content but don’t get it
  • Only 13% of employee receive any social media training

And so, the obvious (?) question for Brands …

If consumers want more connection with Brands … and if people like people, not Brands … and Brand employees want to share content … then what is stopping Brands from helping their employees share content about their Brands?

Answers on a postcard, please!
















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