The future of retail: inspiration and insights for creative marketers

by Steve Seager

Retail marketing is not really my bag. (Ahem). But I’m inspired by the applications of social technologies in the great presentation below by PSFK. My favourite three ideas?

1. Scanned shoppers

Step into the booth. Get measured. Get clothes that fit. No hassle. Wow.

2. Wave of the hand shopping

“I love that, but do you have it in black?” Gesture in front of a screen and see for yourself rather than wait to get the annoying assistant’s attention.

3. Location AND time based shopping

It’s four o’clock. Things are quiet. Store says: come in and get 30% discount while things are quiet. Yum. Leaves time for me to avoid the rush and grab a nice glass of wine while everyone else is running around like headless chickens.

PSFK Future Of Retail Report 2011 [Preview]

Their full report is out soon.

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