The Anatomy of Great Content

by Steve Seager

What is great content? Content marketing

Down below is a free PDF download of The Anatomy of Great Content – a content marketing model for both marketers and strategic communicators. It explains what makes for successful content marketing content.

It sounds obvious, but there’s two words in content marketing. Over the past couple of years consulting I’ve noticed that marketers tend to struggle with the ‘content’ (communication) end of things. And strategic communicators with the ‘marketing’ end of things.

Successful content marketing needs both. So …

What makes for great content?

For many, content is still the elephant in the room. The typical advice we get is, to be frank, not terribly helpful  …

Make it inspirational, original, fun!
Create remarkable content!
Select the topic you want to be famous for!
Make it compelling!
Make it engaging!

Bearing solid tactical, marketing and communications best-practices in mind, I put together a model of what it takes to make your content factually truly great.

The Anatomy of Great Content

The Anatomy of Content has seven elements:

Steve Seager: The Anatomy of Great ContentThe first three elements: ‘Targeted’, ‘Valuable’ and ‘Structured’ are primarily about developing messaging. Marketers should pay particular attention there.

The last four: ‘Atomised’, ‘Optimised’, ‘Activating’ and ‘Measurable’, are more on the execution of good content marketing. Communicators should pay particular attention there.

Use it as a discussion piece as you move towards developing great content of your own. Or, as a ‘sanity-check’ against your current content. I hope you enjoy. And if you think there’s anything missing, let me know!

DOWNLOAD THE PDF: The Anatomy of Great Content: a content marketing model for B2B marketers and strategic communicators.

– Steve

[UPDATE] Please use the link above to download the .pdf, the automatically generated pdfs below are pretty ugly!

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